This website is designed to give you an insight of what happens at Whakatane Intermediate, what we believe is important and how we go about providing a high quality education for the Year 7 and 8 students who attend this school.

There is a general research agreement that as a group, emerging adolescents have the broadest range of physical, social, emotional and intellectual development needs. This has created a unique caring culture in our school.

Intermediate / Middle schools are becoming increasingly recognised as the best educational structure for meeting the special learning needs of emerging adolescents and maintaining their engagement with education at this crucial stage in their lives.

Effective schools have effective teachers - teachers who display a wide range of skills and abilities to create a learning environment where all students feel comfortable and feel that they can succeed both academically and personally. We have set out to attract high performing teachers who have high expectations of student achievement.

We provide all off our teachers with numerous opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of what they will be teaching - especially in literacy and numeracy. Pastoral care provided by the classroom teacher is particularly important for our students. We also encourage and expect our staff to develop an expertise in understanding and supporting the emerging adolescent age group. All of our teachers give their own time freely to extra curriculum activities and this is undoubtedly the most significant factor in providing opportunities for our students to try new sports and interest. Our outstanding sporting accomplishments, cultural  activities (music groups, production, kapa-haka), academic teams and outdoor education programmes are only possible through teachers giving their own time. However, we can only maximise your child's learning opportunities if there is positive parents/teacher communication.

With the completion of our building programme we now offer students some of the best facilities and resources of any Intermediate School in New Zealand. Please feel welcome to visit our school.

Doug McLean