Principal's Weekly Message

Kia Ora Whanau

A huge thank you to all of our whanau for the fantastic start to

the term for attendance. We have an average attendance rate

of over 85% and this is improving each day. This allows each

student to get the best out of their learning programme because

they are able to connect with their classroom

teacher. Research shows us that the best type of learning is

done with the teacher there to guide, facilitate and support each

student in person. The students can also improve their

learning further by working with others to create a deeper

understanding. We therefore encourage all students to attend

school each day they can so they can keep their learning

moving forward.

This term brings a lot of excitement to our school as we move

into the winter months. The next five weeks are pretty straight

forward with quality learning being the focus and very few

disruptions, if any. Towards the end of the term (Week 9) we

have our traditional Sports & Academic Exchange with

Gisborne Intermediate, who are set to host this year. We have

the Technology Intensives Mid Year Programme (Week 10)

and we celebrate Matariki, the Maori New Year (Week 8) which

is a new celebration for the country this year. The Super 11

Inter-Intermediate Regional Competitions are restarting next

week and we are already organising our students to

participate. Some of these events have been missing for over

two years and we are very excited to have them back! The

winter sports season started recently and it is fantastic to see

so many of our students involved in these various codes. We

wish them all the best for the season.

This week I was able to visit Room 10 to see how their learning

was going, and it was great to get involved in their maths

lesson. All the students were able to share what they were

learning about and knew how to solve the practice

problems. The topic was Algebra and in particular they were

learning to identify patterns within a group of numbers and then

create a rule as an equation, so they easily could work out what

number came next in the sequence. What was especially

noticeable was the enjoyment of their work and how they were

working together to ensure everyone had an

understanding. Well done to all the students from this class

for their support of each other and hard mahi. Thank you to

Mrs Rhodes for her guidance, making the lesson enjoyable and

ensuring each student achieved success!

As always the doors are open to all friends and whanau and we

look forward to seeing you all throughout the term.

Nga Mihi,


Mike Webster