Principal's Weekly Message

Kia Ora Whanau

It is very clear that summer is on the way with the glorious

weather we have had, which hopefully leads onto a fantastic

holiday period for all. We are now entering our penultimate week

of the school year, which is followed by our final one where we

acknowledge and celebrate our students’ achievements. At this

stage of planning for our final Assemblies and Prize Giving, it is

very clear that under the new Covid Protection Framework (or

traffic light system) we will not be able to have whanau onsite to

be a part of the celebrations. This decision has not been made

lightly as we try to maintain the integrity and profile of this event

for the benefit of the students. We will leave the final decision

until the last possible minute but we ask that all whanau prepare

themselves for this eventuality should it occur. We hope that we

have your support and understanding with this decision, as our

preference is very much to have whanau involved with all our


Over the next few nights we have our Year 8 Graduation Dinners

within each Syndicate. This is where each Syndicate collectively

celebrates with their Year 8 students and awards them with an

acknowledgement of completing two years of Intermediate

education. Each Syndicate plans their own evening and are

unique. I know the students are very much looking forward to

their particular one and wish them a very enjoyable night.

I would like to remind whanau that the recent Covid-19 cases in

the EBOP are both concerning yet expected. Everyone will feel

a sense of anxiety about what it means for us as an community

and as individuals. Again, the school has very clear guidelines

to follow from the Ministries of Health and Education should a

case be associated with the school. Currently there is no such

case and we are open as normal. It is important that we

remember that Covid arriving in our region is no one’s fault and

there is a way forward to minimise the outbreak and reduce any

risk. There is sound advice and guidelines in what to do if you

have concerns on the MOH and Covid-19 websites, so please

check them out. Keep calm and check in with whanau and

friends. We do encourage any student, 12 years old and over,

to get vaccinated as this the best way to minimise the spread of

this virus.

If your child is showing any kind of flu-like symptoms or is unwell,

please do not send them to school. Make sure you seek medical

advice, get a Covid test done (it is free!) and self-isolate until the

test results are returned negative. Can you also inform the

school if your child is staying at home for whatever

reason. Please remember our Mission Statement at these

frustrating times and be friendly and caring with each other.

The school’s finishing date for the year is December 15th at

12:00pm. This is different from previously mentioned dates and

I apologise for any confusion or frustration caused. We look

forward to our last full week of school for the year.

Nga Mihi,


Mike Webster