Principal's Weekly Message

Kia Ora Whanau


It is hard to believe that we are in the final weeks of Term 1. It has been a very busy Term, with our Surf + Turf Days for each class, drawing to a close. These two days have been action-packed with activities. The days have also been a great way to build relationships, which are vital for this age group – the emerging adolescent. We have also really appreciated the continued support that our community has given us by providing transport and helping with supervision at the these days out. Our teachers have enjoyed meeting whanau during these Surf + Turf Days. A couple of classes have had their days postponed due to inclement weather. These classes won’t miss out, as new dates will be scheduled for Term 4.


Our Production is under way with regular rehearsals being held during the week. Next week those students who have major parts will spend all day Thursday and Friday rehearsing with Miss Harris. The Production is always a highlight for our school and a much anticipated event in the community. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a variety of experiences at our school.


We were very proud of the students whose art featured last week at the War Memorial Lounge, as part of the “School Art Exhibition” run by “Arts Whakatane”. This was part of an exhibition of painting, photography and design by students of Whakatane High School, Trident High School and us. Our students were inspired and motivated by Mrs Carmen Holder to produce paintings and clay work through studying the work of Vincent van Gogh. Mrs Holder is able to draw on the students’ talents to enable all of our students to produce work they are proud of. (Some of this artwork is pictured in this newsletter.)


I will be taking a group of deserving students out to lunch in the last week of Term. These names will be drawn from our Positive Behaviour Barrel, where students’ names go in for demonstrating our core values or Mission Statement.


The Super 11 Surfing Competition is on today at Mount Maunganui. We wish our team well. I hope you all have a well-deserved Easter break and we look forward to seeing everyone back next Wednesday.



Nga Mihi, Mike Webster