Alert Level Lockdown 3 Online Learning Programme

Design a Phone Stand!


Learning Intention: I am learning how to use the design process.


A phone stand is a must-have accessory in this era of advanced smartphone technology. It props up your phone for seamless Zoom meetings, movie watching, and even TikTok recording. Don’t have one yet?

Why buy it when you can build it? That is the attitude you will need for this project. You have probably seen cell phone holders or stands around the house or in a car. They might seem like a very simple object, but they are a great way to learn about the engineering design process. In this project, you will design and build your own working phone stand.


·      Structural materials, like corrugated cardboard or wooden craft sticks.

·      Tape or glue.

·      Other assorted office/craft supplies like rubber bands, paper clips, binder clips, pipe cleaners, etc.


·      Try and follow the Engineering Design Process.

·      Construct your phone stand.

·      Optional: Take a photo of your stand and share it with me. 


Look at these designs!

Now design and construct your stand! Have fun!



·      Cellphone - waea pūkoro

·      Design – whakaahua

·      Investigate, research – hurahura

The Engineering Design Process:

Science and engineering are everywhere!

Many engineers think like scientists all the time. They ask questions. They form hypotheses. They set up experiments. They analyse data. They see problems. They brainstorm solutions. They innovate. They create. They test their designs, and when things don't work or could be better, they try again.

Design a phone holder.pdf
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