Alert Level Lockdown 3/4 Online Learning Programme

Covid-19 Escape Room


You and a team of scientists have managed to develop a vaccine against 

Covid-19. Way to go – you  have nailed it!

However, an evil corporation has got wind of your success. Are they trying to steal your first batch? The batch which you were going to ship out today?



  • Read the Activity 1 paragraph and answer the questions
  • Email your answer to
  • I will email you the next activity!

Activity 1. 

Locked out of your lab.


You're feeling tired, but pretty good. You know your hard work fighting the Covid-19 pandemic these past months has been important. Your lab was like a war zone - people running around, lots of tension but also excitement. You are ready to go and oversee the first delivery of vaccines as they leave the lab. 

But, as you reach the door of your lab, you get a funny feeling. The door is locked - the code has been switched.

You must decipher the security code to override the lock!

If you get it right, the door will open. 

If you get it wrong, you'll be returned to your office.

Good Luck!

Watch this video and then complete the analogy between wars and pandemics (4 min):


Email your correct code to and I will let you into your lab – and the next activity!

Hurry! Don't waste any time! Save the vaccine!