Ki te kura tuatahi o Whakatane naumai       

Welcome to Whakatane Intermediate School


Mission Statement

" A friendly, caring school with quality learning and quality behaviour that respects the needs of the individual student in the spirit of partnership between the school, caregivers and the community."



 “He kura manaaki, he kura atawhai i nga tikanga rangatira, nga tikanga ahua noho o te tauira i roto i te wairua ngatahi kei waenganui i te kura, nga kaitiaki me te iwi kainga.”


He waka eke noa.


We are all in this together.

Whakatane Intermediate School -  Moving to Level 2 Lockdown Learning Plan

Alert Level 2 Learning Reminder May 17th, 2020.


Kia Ora Whanau


A very brief reminder to read our Moving to Level 2 Plan communicated last week. Please continue to refer to this document as this has the required detail and outline on what to expect this week.   


School Buses. 


We have been informed that all buses are running as normal. Once at school all bus students are to move straight to their classroom and wait for their teacher.




Students must keep 2m apart and avoid any physical contact when arriving at school. Greeting their friends needs to be a wave and a smile. This is vital for their safety. 


NO student is to be onsite until 8:15am and should go straight to their classroom upon arrival.


Students need to be in full school uniform and have their own water bottle. NO student should attend school if unwell for any reason.


Also, no parent or whanau member is to be onsite for any reason. If there is a need to visit school you should present at the front office only and follow instructions from there.


Nga Mihi

Mike Webster





Moving to Level 2 Update May 13th, 2020.


Kia Ora Whanau


A very brief addition to yesterday’s Moving to Level 2 Plan.  Please continue to refer to yesterday's document as this has the required detail and outline on what to expect next week.   


Device Free Day and Technology Day. 


Thursday (Device Free Day) and Friday (Technology Day) this week will involve the students learning without interaction from their classroom teacher.  The teachers will be using these days to plan and prepare for next week and making sure the students well-being is the priority.  They therefore need these days to ensure the programme is meaningful.  The device free day (Thursday) involves students selecting activities to complete without need for device interaction and they have the day to work at their own pace.  The Technology day (Friday) involves tasks designed by the Tech Department and they will be available for assistance via email etc. throughout the day.  


School Buses. 


We are currently waiting for confirmation on the bus routes from the bus company.  School buses are running under level 2, the bus company is simply looking at how to manage this.  We will confirm with you when we know. 


Students attending School this week.


As we have previously stated, we are operating under level 3 restrictions for this entire week.  We are therefore unable to supervise any student who simply turns up.  We only have staffing to supervise those who have previously registered with us under Level 3 expectations, and only these students will be allowed onsite at this time.  School opens for all students next Monday May 18th, please wait until then before sending your child back to school. 


Nga Mihi

Mike Webster


Whakatane Intermediate School  

Moving to Level 2 Lockdown Learning Plan


This learning plan provides the outline as to how the school will operate during an Alert Level 2 Government Lockdown.  It will involve all students and staff returning to full time learning onsite, at school.  This plan will reflect and operate within criteria provided by the MOE, the school’s pandemic plan and Director General of Public Health


Student Attendance Expectations. 


Our expectation is for all students to attend school and continue with their learning. Distance learning will be provided for those whanau who choose to self isolate. A student or staff member would not attend school for the following reasons:


1.    The whanau has elected to keep their child at home and specifically informed the school of the reason and                possible return date. 

2.    They cannot travel to and from school safely i.e. without buses etc.

3.    They are unwell for any reason, are showing possible symptoms of Covid-19 and/or are awaiting results of               tests.  

4.    They do not yet have medical clearance to return to school after an illness.


Please note: The school does reserve the right to send any student home if they are observed as having possible signs of illness of any kind.


Pastoral Care Expectations & Return to School Programme. 


A return to classroom based learning will provide support for ensuring students are welcomed back in a safe and friendly manner. It will focus on wellbeing as a priority, before assessing what learning has or has not taken place, and a return to a more structured teaching programme.  

The following steps will be taken:


1.    Check that every student is well and in a good space to return to school.

2.    Follow the identified return to school plan exactly as asked to ensure well being is the priority. (This will occur           for the first week at least)


Teaching Expectations.

The teaching and learning programme will return to a classroom based learning environment.  This will occur after the return to school programme is complete. Learning bubbles that occurred under Level 3 will no longer exist.        The following will occur: 


1.    Move the learning online programme seamlessly into the classroom, before progressing into areas of need,               extension and/or expansion.

2.    The students' own experiences, thoughts and opinions on their time under lockdown are to be incorporated               into the learning until students are used to being back at “normal” school.

3.    A complete return to all expected learning programmes i.e. technology classes resume immediately.

4.    Distance Learning will be managed by the regular classroom teacher and will follow the same programme as in         school but accessed online. 


Outline of the School Daily structure.

School operates under its own pandemic plan as before, where school is open under such a situation and includes but not limited to the following:


1.    No assemblies (formal or syndicate) to be held

2.    Staggered break times throughout the day in syndicate grouping; technology classes to be taken into                         consideration when allocating times.

3.    No trips, school/co-curricular/cultural events or trainings until assessed further by SLT

4.    Wiping down of school chromebooks, classroom resources etc at the end of the day

5.    Vigilant use of hand sanitizer on entry/exit to classrooms at all times of the day. 

6.    Reinforced messages from staff regarding correct hygiene protocols, for example regular hand washing, safe            coughing/sneezing & appropriate distancing etc. 

7.    Students bring their own water bottles (& lunch); no water fountains open.  School canteen will only provide pre          ordered food. 

8.    All toilets will have soap and hand towels available; staff to reinforce expectations. 

9.    The school adventure playground to be sanitized with disinfectant each day.

10. Students may wear appropriate PPE if they choose to do so.  

11. Cleaning protocols enhanced in the daily cleaning routines by school cleaning staff.


Further protocols to be put in place, for minimum two weeks and possibly longer, include:


1.    Staff to be in rooms and remain there from 8:15am to open the classroom.

2.    No students onsite before 8:15am, and must move straight to their classroom on arrival.  The school day will             operate as normal and finish at 3pm.

3.    All students to sanitize hands on entry to the classroom, register attendance before returning outside.

4.    Lessons begin at 8:50am - First week, our “Return to School Programme” operates.

5.    Any parent coming into school is to report to the front office and sign in, they do not go into the classrooms or           move through the school.  


Key Points from MOE/MOH 


1.    Schools contact tracing information is a combination of timetable, attendance register and contact register. 

2.    Schools will aim to reduce the risk but schools can not eliminate the risk fully.

3.    Schools will  educate students about social distancing and avoiding being within ‘moist breath distance’.

4.    Schools are exempt from the maximum number of 100 people inside and 500 people outside rules for level 2.

5.    People at school are not required to use Personal Protective Equipment.