Ki te kura tuatahi o Whakatane naumai

Welcome to Whakatane Intermediate School

                        Mission Statement

" A friendly, caring school with quality learning and quality behaviour that respects the needs of the individual student in the spirit of partnership between the school, caregivers and the community."

         Whakatane Intermediate School 50th Reunion                     Queen’s Birthday 1-2 June 2018

We are looking forward to catching up with you all over Queen’s Birthday weekend. Just a quick rundown of events planned over the weekend to give you some idea...  (Click here)

Swimming Sports


All visitors to the school during school hours need to sign in at the office and collect a visitor pass.


Thank you.


1.Each term emergency contact details for each student will be updated and hard copy class lists will be kept in the office and with the Deputy Principal. 

2.Parents/Caregivers will be advised in the event of an emergency by text, cellphone, phone, radio broadcasts.                       (Early Notification System when available). Students’ cellphones will be encouraged to be used if they have them. 

3.Teachers will record who is being picked up when and by whom. 

4.  Remaining students will walk accompanied by staff to Trident High School Civil Defence Post – Welfare Centre with identification.


A decision is made at morning tea if the day is wet as to whether or not school will close early at 2.30pm. A notice  is  placed on the school answer phone and the school FACEBOOK page at 11.00am advising if it is an early finish. Notices are also placed on

Radio 1XX and The Sun FM. Please note that not every wet day will be an early finish.


Buses always run at the normal time of 3.00pm and bus students are supervised until then. Please ring the school, listen to a radio station or go to FACEBOOK for information if you think it may be an early finish.