Wet School Day

What happens on a very Wet School Day?

The school shortens the lunch break to half an hour, so that there are not large numbers of students either stuck inside for long periods of time, or out in the school grounds during periods of wet or extreme weather.  This is a health and safety issue for the school. 

A decision is made at morning tea if the day is wet as to whether or not school will close early at 2.30pm.

A notice is placed on the school answer phone and the school FACEBOOK page at 11.00am advising if it is an early finish. 

Notices are also placed on Radio 1XX and The Sun FM.

Please note that not every wet day will be an early finish.

Buses always run at the normal time of 3.00pm and bus students are supervised until then.

The afternoon teaching block therefore finishes at 2:30pm.  At this point students are released to go home. (Bus students are then supervised in their classrooms with their teacher until 3pm.) 

Any other student who wishes to stay or cannot be collected until 3pm is also welcome to stay in their classroom with their teacher. 

If you would like to discuss this further or have some questions regarding this procedure, please feel free to contact the school or pop in for a visit.

Mike Webster (Principal.)