Music, Dance & Drama.

Performing Arts in a nutshell

Each student at Whakatane Intermediate gets the exciting opportunity to experience a mix of music, drama, and dance in a unique way.



In music students get a taste of music theory and the elements of music like beat, rhythm, and dynamics. As a class the students combine to make a Marimba band. They rehearse and perform a piece of music together using a range of instruments. Those who excel in music are extended by accompanying the wider class band with a short solo performance with an instrument of their choice.

In drama students learn about using their body, face, voice, and gestures to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings. The class works on a specific theme and students get into groups and brainstorm, script, and rehearse their drama. Those who excel in drama are extended by being given main roles. 

In dance students learn about formations, locomotive and non-locomotive moves, and levels. The class works on a specific themed dance performance which is co-constructed. Students then get the exciting chance to be in their very own group dance team where they brainstorm a theme and formations, rehearse their dance with support from the teacher and then perform their group dance to the class.