Information Regarding the Cancellation of NZAIMS 2021


Kia Ora Whanau,

Today we officially received the rather heartbreaking news that the 2021 Anchor NZAIMS Games has been cancelled. The reason for this is directly related to the current situation with the Covid-19 outbreak. Our thoughts are with all our students & staff who have been preparing all year, we understand your frustration and disappointment. Our thoughts are also with our Year 8 students in particular, who will never get the chance to experience this amazing event as a participant. I can only offer the advice of using this missed chance as motivation to seek similar opportunities after you leave the Intermediate. You never know, but it could be you competing at something like the Olympics, so stay involved in sport as you never know what is out there!


The whole country had to be at an acceptable lockdown level for a multisport event like this to run safely. Due to the whole country only recently entering Level 4, it will be some time before this would occur. The idea of postponing the tournament - unfortunately, is also not an option, with 25,000 people to accommodate, 1800 officials to organise and 29 venues to be available at the same time. Other ideas, like excluding areas more affected, goes against the AIMS philosophy which is based around being as inclusive as possible. Therefore the only option to the organisers was to cancel the games.

Naturally, there are questions around refunds, our AIMS hoodies that have been ordered, and options for other competitions to be run etc.


1. The school will receive a full refund of the entry fee form NZAIMS, which we will then pass back to the individual student. This will take some time to process, so please be patient.

2. The school will also seek refunds from those sports who had accommodation & travel costs but there may be the situation where deposits cannot be refunded. This will also take some time to process.

3. The school will discuss other viable event options to see what is available locally and consider each opportunity on a case by case situation. The school will only take part if the safety of its students is guaranteed.

4. The situation of the AIMS hoodies is that most have been printed and are therefore available for sale. Each student will have the option to buy and wear the hoodie as intended for the remainder of the year. There will be an email coming out soon with instructions on how to order the hoodie.


The School’s AIMS Committee has met and will continue to do so in the coming days to discuss and plan how it will deal with the situation at hand. I would like to thank all staff and volunteers for giving up their time to make our 2021 AIMS experience a success, even though it was not to be.

The effort and time preparing together would still have made an impression on our students and given them motivation to continue seeking such opportunities. In particular, our two staff members responsible for our AIMS Programme, Mr Will Doney and Mrs Jane Hudson. Together these two have spent hours registering competitors, sorting playing uniforms, and arranging trial & practice times, to name but a few jobs. This year was one of the most organised and exciting AIMS programmes to date, and we thank them for their commitment.


We now turn our attention and planning to the 2022 NZAIMS Games, which Whakatane Intermediate will expect to attend, so lock in September 3-9, 2022. We will see you there! Please continue to take care of yourselves and we’ll see you back at school in the very near future.


Nga Mihi

Mike Webster