GATE Background and School Philosophy

Whakatāne Intermediate has a long standing commitment to it’s gifted and talented students. Our GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) programme is in it’s twelve year and we continue to review and change the programme in response to research in gifted education, changes to the curriculum, changes in school organisation, and to help us meet the needs of our students and their families.

 The school uses a range of methods to identify students and we aim to provide opportunities in all areas of the curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities for enrichment, extension and acceleration.

Our focus at Whakatāne Intermediate is to assist in the development of our students through our knowledge of the emerging adolescent. Our focus is not only on academic rigour but is equally focused on fostering social and ethical responsibility, developing interpersonal skills and building life skills so that our students are prepared for the years ahead.

We do not have streamed GATE classes but have our identified gifted and talented students spread throughout syndicates and around the school. A student’s learning needs are identified by their classroom teacher, who develops the key relationship with the student and their family. Students are provided with opportunities for acceleration, enrichment and extension within their own classroom, in the technology and arts programmes, and by being encouraged to participate in other opportunities offered within the school. The module withdrawal programme enables these students to work together or one on one with a specialist teacher in a variety of curriculum areas.



Our GATE programme at Whakatāne Intermediate School is one based upon our philosophy for what is best practice for the merging adolescent and for the unique culture of our school.


Gifted and Talented Education Policy (GATE)
Enrichment, extension and acceleration.
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