Upcoming Events


Monday 26th February – Board Meeting


Wednesday 20th March – Goal Setting Interviews

Thursday 21st March – Goal Setting Interviews


Our goal-setting interviews will be held at Whakatane Intermediate School on: Wednesday 20th March (1.00pm- 6.00pm) and Thursday 21st March (3.15pm–6.00pm.)

We invite and encourage all parents/caregivers to take this opportunity to attend a one-to-one interview of 15 minutes at which your child’s learning and future goals will be discussed.

School will close at 12.00pm (noon) on Wednesday 20th March. Lunches will be provided. Buses will still run at the normal time of 3.00pm for those students who are not being picked up at 12.00pm or during the afternoon. Any other students who cannot be collected at noon can be supervised until 3.00pm also.

Thursday 21st March is a normal school day.

Interviews can be booked online by visiting www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and using the code m6psk the booking site is now open. Select your preferred time and you will receive confirmation by email within minutes of the booking.

If you are unable to book online, please call the office and we can book a time to suit. It is our goal to have all parents/caregivers attend these interviews.


Rebecca Paterson

(Deputy Principal) 

Friday 29 March – Good Friday – Public Holiday

Monday 1st April – Easter Monday – Public Holiday

Tuesday 2nd April – Easter Tuesday – Public Holiday

Friday 12th April – Last day Term 1

Monday 29th April – First day Term 2