Visual Arts



The Visual Arts programme at Whakatāne Intermediate aims to provide all students with an opportunity to express and develop their personal skills through a variety of media. Activities are aimed to encourage the use of imagination and original thought along with careful planning and development of specific skills.

Along with the Curriculum Achievement Objectives the Key Competencies are also a vital part of the Visual Arts.

  •  Using language and texts - students will interact, discuss ideas with the teacher and each other surrounded by and with access to visual resources that will engage them and support them to generate ideas. Through this they will be encouraged to develop the language of art as they discuss their work and the work of others.
  • Thinking -Students will be taught skills in context to make their ideas come alive - developing a "How best can I.....' attitude.
  • Opportunity to create - Students will be given time to reflect and combine ideas from stimuli (work of artists, objects etc.) to complete their own compositions from their own perspective.
  • Managing self - Students need to be taught to use all art equipment safely and appropriately, to develop routines relative to the environment, plan and set high standards
  •  Relating to Others -Through positive feedback and an atmosphere of appreciation, tolerance and respect students will be encouraged to take risks in their learning. They will be encouraged to listen carefully to the ideas of others, discuss and share their ideas while learning new techniques.
  • Participation and Contributing - Along with the skills listed above students will be encouraged to respect the needs of others, all equipment and to work with their group to complete duties.