Principal's Weekly Message

Kia Ora Whanau,

This week we get to celebrate some amazing results of events that

the school has been involved in. Last Sunday was the annual

Awakeri Top School Competition. This event is organised and run

by Awakeri Primary School and first started in 1986! Every year

our school organises teams to take part and this year we had two

teams primed and ready for the big day. Mrs Nic Laurent and Ms

Kiana Angel spent many a lunch time selecting and training the

teams. The event is based on the Top Town concept (like in the

80’s) where teams have a range of physical challenges that involve

problem solving and teamwork. There are different divisions and

an overall winner. There were also food carts and other activities

to take part in. What was especially pleasing for our school

was that we had one team earn second equal in their division

and the other team secure first place in the same

division. That same team was also awarded the overall winner

for the day! A huge congratulations to both teams who ensured

that Whakatane Intermediate is the Top School for 2024. What

was an especially pleasing aspect of the day was the way all our

athletes supported and encouraged each other throughout the

event. While they were there to compete, the friendly and caring

nature of the students ensured that they all simply had fun

representing our school and took pride in what they were

doing. Another “well done” to all the athletes, a huge thanks to our

whanau who were there to support and a very special

acknowledgement to Mrs Laurent and Ms Angel for their

commitment and energy.

Last Friday, the school also had four teams competing in the

Eastern Bay of Plenty Surfing Festival. There was a total of 23

teams over a range of ages, and Whakatane Intermediate had four

teams with an equal amount of male and female surfers. Again the

way the athletes supported each other and enjoyed the day was a

standout. The day was stunning, the waves were running and the

participants were humming with excitement. None more so than

Mrs Carmen Holder who organised the day and also demonstrated

some quality wave riding herself! Again thanks to the whanau who

assisted on the day and ensured our students were safe! What

was especially exciting was all four teams from our school made it

into the finals, and had a lot of fun competing against each

other. Well done to all the surfers for a great day out.

This week’s attendance trophy was again handed out to the class

who made sure they were all present each day. It was another

fantastic week with 8 classes achieving an attendance rate of over

90% and not a single class scoring below 80%. Well done to all

the students, staff and whanau for working together to ensure that

we have students attending school! A special well done to Room

19 who had the highest rate at 99.4%, and to Room 1 who had

the biggest improvement from the previous week with a

staggering 18% increase with their attendance. We look

forward to seeing this week's results!

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Easter

weekend. We will see you next Wednesday when we return.

Nga Mihi

Mike Webster