Whakatāne Intermediate School has a strong academic focus and we provide not only quality classroom instruction but also provide other academic activities beyond normal classroom programmes. These include:


ICAS Exams – International examinations in the subject areas of Science, Mathematics, Writing, English, Information and Computing Technologies.


Otago Problem Solving – Administered by Otago University children sit a series of 5 test papers involving challenging mathematics problems.


Science Badges – This scheme operates in Terms 2, 3 & 4. Students may opt into undertaking an investigation into a particular area of science. They complete a certain number of activities in order to be awarded a badge and certificate.


Maths Badges – This scheme operates in Terms 3 & 4. Students may select a certain area in mathematics completing a certain number of activities in order to be awarded a badge and certificate.


Future Problem Solving – This scheme is run by our GATE teacher. Whereby each syndicate nominates students to form a team of 4 students. Throughout the year the teams with the guidance of a coach research and solve different futuristic scenarios as part of the FPS International Program.


24 Challenge Competition – The school runs this run and very challenging math competition as interclass, inter-syndicate and individual competition. Only the quickest and most mathematically able will be the winners in this test of mental arithmetic.


Arts and Technology Intensives – Twice a year an exceptional group of students is selected by technology and arts staff to have 3 days of intensive learning, working with their peers on specialist projects.



Curriculum Review

Science Curriculum
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Te Reo Curriculum
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Mathematics Curriculum
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Mathematics Curriculum 2
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