International Students


Whakatane Intermediate has been accepted as a signatory for the pastoral care of International Students.

We welcome enquiries for enrolments. Please contact the Principal using the school contact details.


The school offers places to a small number of international full fee paying students. At Whakatane Intermediate School international students can become part of school classes and New Zealand families. The school encourages all students to become involved in school activities and international students are able to learn or improve their English by working and playing alongside New Zealand students.


Academic Year

The school year runs from February to early December.


Registration Fee

This fee covers the cost of administering an application to attend our school. 2012 Fees will be $500.00 including GST.


Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for 2011 is NZ$11,5000. The tuition fee includes GST, all stationery, field trips, outdoor education, uniform and all school activities. Students must have insurance which they and their families must arrange privately




Parents and friends provide accommodation in their homes close to the school. These are approved and monitored by a senior staff member.

This senior staff member will act as the student’s guardian on the parent’s behalf and look after the needs of the students while they are in New Zealand. They will also meet the students on arrival at Auckland airport. The school is known for the quality of education provided for its students and this is also a feature of the accommodation package available through the school.


For up to date costing on accommodation fees please contact the principal.


Money sent to the school for school expenses is deposited in an individual account for each student and the above costs met from this account. It is operated and supervised by the school’s executive officer.

A detailed statement of this expenditure is available to parents at all times.


The money in this account belongs to the parents of the student and the balance will be refunded when the student, for any reason leaves the school permanently.



GST is Goods and Services Tax and is added to the cost of goods and services bought in New Zealand. The amount of GST is 15% at present and where needed has been included in the amounts shown above.


Location and Facilities

Whakatane Intermediate School is situated in Whakatane (population 20,000) in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. The Bay of Plenty climate is pleasantly warm and temperate. Whakatane is a seaside town and is famous for it’s pristine beaches, Ohiwa Harbour, access to nearby national parks and famous offshore active volcano White Island.


Whakatane Intermediate has newly renovated classrooms as well as new multicultural, gymnasium and administration facilities. There are specialist facilities for visual and performing arts, computing, biotechnology, hard materials and electronics, food and soft materials technologies and environmental science as well as a well-stocked library.


English Language Support

The tuition fee includes special individual help to assist the international students to learn English. There is no level of English required for entry to Whakatane Intermediate School as the purpose of sending international students to our school is for them to be immersed in everyday life where they will quickly learn English from their peers, teachers and homestay families. The school does require a report from the student’s last school translated into English to help us assist with class placement.


When a student arrives at Whakatane Intermediate School

The international student will be met by one of the deputy principals who will oversee their tuition at the school. They will arrange for the following:


·                          The student will be given a buddy of his or her age

·                          The buddy will show them around the school including: the office, sick bay, school boundaries, school canteen shop, restricted areas, toilets, specialist class rooms, school entrances, library, lost property area etc.


On going Support

International students receive ongoing support from:

·        Their class teacher

·        Class mates

·        The senior staff member as guardian.

·        ESOL teachers

·        Other international students of the same age.


Special Needs Students

The school does not cater for international students with special needs. Students who wish to apply for a place at Whakatane Intermediate must be able to learn in English.

Should any special learning needs become apparent, the parent would be responsible for all costs incurred.


Termination of Enrolment

Tuition may be terminated for gross misconduct or giving the school false or misleading information during enrolment.

When terminating tuition at the school, refunds will be made according to the school’s refund conditions. These are available to view on a separate form.

If tuition is terminated, the school will notify the New Zealand Immigration Service. (NZIS)


Non-Attendance – Withdrawal Procedure

Parents are expected to inform the school or the school’s accommodation agent if their child is leaving the school.

All applications for withdrawal must be made in writing.

If a student is withdrawn or ceases to attend, the school will notify the New Zealand Immigration Service. (NZIS)


Final Considerations

If parents choose to send their son or daughter to Whakatane Intermediate School, it will be because they wish their child to:

·        Study

·        Be given top quality personal care and individual academic supervision.

·        Become part of a school in which there is only a small number of international students and where they can move on to higher education.

·        Live in a small city, which is a pleasant, safe and warm environment.


·        Be provided with full and safe guardianship while living in New Zealand.